Class Descriptions:

Ski Town Stroller Yoga schedule may include the following classes:

Spring Training Stroller Yoga (10K training)

This class will begin at 75 minutes for the first couple of sessions and extend to 90-minutes duration.  The class is focused on getting you into a comfortable running condition.  We will work up to 60 minutes of running/jogging fairly quickly, while still allowing you to run at a pace that is comfortable for you.  We begin and end a strong cardio stroller running/jogging workout with yoga.  Sessions will vary with intervals training, leg and/or core strengthening, and deep stretching.  Goal is to jumpstart the Spring and get you ready for the Steamboat Springs 10K on June 5th.

Stroller Yoga

This 75-minute class is a perfect balance of yoga and jogging.  We begin with 10-15 minutes of standing yoga postures for warm-up, stretching and balance, followed by 30-45 minutes of stroller jogging, and finish with yoga on the mat comprised of core, pelvic and cool-down.  You will be able to jog at your own pace with your little one, as we all remain on the same trail and return back to the mat together.

Stroller Yoga Bootcamp

This 60-minute class is the ying yang of outdoor fitness.  Start off with a 40-minute stroller bootcamp using the great outdoors as your gym.  The bootcamp will include cardio, strength and core work for a well-rounded and challenging workout.  Follow the bootcamp up with a 20-minute yoga practice designed to strength the body and renew the mind.  A REAL total body workout with your little one in tow!

Baby & Me Yoga

In case of weather, we sometimes opt to meet indoors at Studio Asana.  This 75-minute class incorporates yoga for the parent/caregiver with baby yoga.  We will learn 2-3 baby yoga postures per class, varying from techniques for better sleep, digestion and calming, as well as developmental yoga activities.  This class is best suited for babies up to one year, who are not yet walking on their own.  The yoga portion for the parent/caregiver will concentrate mostly on floor postures; each class will vary with focus on different areas of the body, while still providing a rounded practice.  Your baby is with you the whole time, experiencing yoga and observing you taking care of your mind and body.  You are sharing and giving yourself the gift of yoga, setting a great example for baby, and always right there to respond to your baby’s if the need arises.

Locally Sponsored Races & Events / FREE Yoga Warm-up:

Ski Town Stroller Yoga encourages our members to participate in local races that are stroller-friendly.  There are several races in the Steamboat Running Series, which are held on well-paved roads and stroller-friendly.  There are also some trail runs/hikes which we encourage participation, and would require a baby carrier or backpack.  Kaela & Jenn plan on holding free warm-up yoga before some of these races.  Please check out the calendar.  Ski Town Yoga will not be charging for the pre-race yoga, however, each participant is responsible for registering for the race event.

When would you like to see class times?

Please let us know what days and times you would like to see Stroller Yoga and Stroller Yoga Bootcamp classes on the schedule.  Call 970-367-6511 or email us!


Due to the late Spring/Summer, classes are being communicated directly to those interested.  Please contact us at 970-367-6511 or email.

Meeting Locations:

Classes will meet at various locations, so please pre-register at 970-367-6511 or by email to receive notifications of meeting place.

Steamboat – Howelsen Hill:  Meet up at various locations such as Spring Creek Trail, Blackmer Road and Little Toots Park throughout the summer.  (Register to get notice of locations.)

Craig and Hayden:  Classes will be offered based on demand.  Please contact us and let us know you’re interested. When we have enough interest, we will add a class in your area.

WINTER & in case of weather…

Indoor “Stroller Yoga”

During winter season and under less ideal weather conditions, we will hold “stroller yoga” classes indoors at Studio Asana.  The indoor class will be either the BABY & ME YOGA class (see above) or structured as a yoga posture workshop.  The posture workshop will spend time concentrating on form, holding or repeating poses for longer.  Will still include warm-up, stretching, strength, and flow, while also allowing more time to concentrate on alignment.